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Ready to go

We decided that the best way to celebrate the first decade of Dresda would have been some live action.

Here we are, three gigs between Italy and UK.

It’s quite difficult to describe how excited we are!!!!!

August 7, Black Heart  – London UK

August 6, Prince Albert, Brighton UK

August 1, Giardini di Plastica, “Genova urla festival”

dresda 01 agosto       dresda uk


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UK Tour Hype

August is getting closer and hype for our UK tour is growin’ accordingly.

Chaos Theory (UK Promoter) is spreading out the word: to be honest we did not book any flight, we’re going to cover the 1.000 miles distance by van!

It’s about time to remove some dust from our shiny reverb pedals.



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So long and thanks for all the fish

insbruck 2010

One year passed by since we released Diluvio.

We are proud and astonished about how much this bunch of songs travelled by himself all over the world.

Starting from today you can order it on our bandcamp page at half price.


Thank you guys for supporting us for all these years.

May your days be intense, and emotional, and lucky.

With love.


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“Diluvio” streaming now!

Diluvio is available for free listening since today to Oct 14.

The Breakfast jumpers – Osservatori esterniDance Like Shaquille O’Neale – Shiver Webzine – Stordisco News – Let Love Grow – Acidi Viola.

Thanks to all the webzines that supported us!

Today we have also been mentioned on the local Genoa news (still not NME, but that’s life).


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“Le Strade All’Alba”, preview

ImageWe have announced Diluvio will be out on Oct 15.

In the meanwhile from Oct 1 to Oct 7 the track “Le Strade all’Alba” is available here:

The Breakfast Jumpers

Osservatori Esterni

And since October 7 we’ll stream the whole record, before releasing it on bandcamp, on these webzines:

– Breakfast Jumpers
– Dance Like Shaquille O’Neal
– Shiver
– Osservatori Esterni
– Stordisco
– Acidi Viola
– Let Love Grow


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2 days of .. dresda

Just a few weeks before the official release of Diluvio, two gigs announced:

– 24 August, Punta Pedale, Santa Margherita Ligure, with June Miller

– 25 August, Monte San Giacomo (with a lot of people)

We hope to bring with us the first copies of the record, so stay tuned!


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God-whatever-is our co-pilot

A boombastic title was necessary to announce this huge update.

In these six months tons of amazing things happened.

We had our first magnificient gigs abroad in Austria and Switzerland, two long radio interviews in Padova and Massa, we got drunk a bunch of times, we met millions of nice people that we’ll never forget, we suffered the coldest-cold-ever, we drove almost 2500 kilometers, stole biscuits in houses and highway stops, and broke many electronical devices.

After two months of relax we are back “live and loud!” for summer festivals:

20 June @ Festival delle periferie [Genova]

24 June @ Festa del parco di Loreto [Bergamo]

20 August @ Balla coi cinghiali [Bardineto Sv]

Other news: we are working on our new record that will be out as soon as it’s finished.. the new stuff is quite emotional and intense and epic, like the song “Be my knife” that we already played live in the last months. The release will be supported by Marsiglia Records [Italy], Asiluum [Romania] and Dissenso [Brazil].

Merchandising. New Pins coming and shirts with artwork by Cristiano Baricelli http://www.crybik.com/.

Movies. A new short movie from the director Marco Longo “Mentre lei dorme” will be presented at the Genova Film Festival, and contains parts of our song “Il grande macchinario della notte”.

Finally we released the Krolevsky Ep, music from the movie “Il caso Krolevsky”. It’s a short self-produced Ep, recorded in summer 2009.

On January 4th Feltrinelli published the Canadian documentary about copyleft “Rip! A Remix Manifesto” that contains our song “La stanza e l’orologio”.

Thank you all, with love [and love is that you are the knife which we turn within ourselves].


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