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Building something out of nothing

Hello friends,

here we are! Christmas’ near, and 2009 is almost finished: it’s time for a bit of soul-searching.

We are quite satisfied about how things evolved for Dresda “as a band” during this year. You can find all the evolving stuff in the past monthly updates and in our biography.

For people who asked about  “Rip! A Remix Manifesto“: please note that the Dvd will be in all Feltrinelli stores since January 2010. We are really honoured to be a part of it.

Next year is expected to be even more challenging for us.. so let’s just see what happens!

We want to thank these friends: Matteo Casari, Marius Costache, Costin Chioreanu, Diogo Santos, Sebastian Obermaier, Alessio Gambaro e Christian Zecca, Marco Longo, Fabio Battistetti, all the Disorderdrama family, June Miller for all the amazing moments spent together, our closest friends, and all the people we forgot to thank.

A last date for us, don’t miss it!!!!!

THU 17 DEC @ La Claque [Ge] w/ Ronin

And that’s all.

May Your December be warm and emotional and lucky.

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Back and forth, and other news…

locandinapiccolaHello folks!

October is a very busy month for us.

We’re spending a lot of time in our studio writing new songs. Some good stuff came out. We are going to record these songs and release a split-cd with the croatian band “Emphasis” on Asiluum netlabel.

Soon the 2009 version of Pequod with Costin artwork will be available, You’ll find it at our gigs.

The movie “Il caso Krolevsky” came out, and we took part to the first night.
It’s amazing to hear your music “really loud!” in a crowded theater.
We hope to do this again and again.

On the road again! We arranged some gigs in northern Italy: next week we will be in Pavia (fri 23) and Piacenza (sat 24). On January we will go to Vicenza and Padova, and then back to Genova.

We are also planning to take part to the Asiluum festival in Bucharest, February 2010, more news soon.

Maybe we found our new van, to be bought in a criminal organization with our family-friends June Miller.. photos of the wreck and news to come!

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The world is not enough!

dresda pisaHello my friends!

No news from us doesn’t mean that we are on holiday! We NEVER stop working on our music.

The soundtrack of the movie is almost finished and we are removing dust from our black ties for the opening event! Maybe we will consider to publish a “Krolewsky EP”.

Pequod is going to be re-published with a new package by an amazing Romanian Label. That’s cool! [More news REALLY soon].

We are astonished to see how our EP is still hitting the headlines in the post rock scene: Arpo[Russia],  The Sirens Sound, Helicon [Portugal] -thx to our friend Diogo, Radio Universidad de Coimbra -, Radioeins [Germany],  Far Past Post RadioPostrocking, and many other links around the world, from Austria, England, China, Japan.. !

Lots of gigs coming, stay tuned!

To finish a nice video made by our beloved Elena during our last gig in Marina di Massa, in July. That’s good for a summer night..

May your summer-end be amazing, and emotional, and lucky!

Rádio Universidade de Coimbra

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Our motion picture soundtracks

DSC04760We used to describe our music as “soundtracks for never shooted cinematic sequences”.. but things changed!!!!!

You already know about “il caso krolewksy”, our new storm to hollywood is the short film “la lingua del disordine”, winner of the Genova film festival, that contains our songs John Wayne Shot Me! and Attraverso lenti colorate.

A new review that really makes us proud: the austrian webzine post rock community!

Finally,  next gigs: 26 June @ Club Irene, Viareggio – 27 June TBA – 28 June @ Tago Mago, Massa


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