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2 days of .. dresda

Just a few weeks before the official release of Diluvio, two gigs announced:

– 24 August, Punta Pedale, Santa Margherita Ligure, with June Miller

– 25 August, Monte San Giacomo (with a lot of people)

We hope to bring with us the first copies of the record, so stay tuned!


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Hardcore will never die, but we will

But for now, we’re still doing the post rock job.

In the first months of the year we worked hard on the songs. It has been really a hard task to stay away from the gigs and to focus on the recordings. But the result will be the long awaited new record, that for us is something that significantly represents what we are now.

We are proud to announce that the new record will have a ‘real’ packaging, for once in our life as a band. We appointed the best artist and friend we knew, Riccardo ( ) for a magnificient artwork.

Since may we had some GIGS, in Milan and Sestri Levante, and we are going to have some more in the open air in June before ‘diluvio’ comes out.

– June 11, Refresh Festival, Villa Serra, Genova

– June 25, Minor Cric II, Pilastri, Ferrara

(and others still to be announced).

Ok. More announces to come. New songs to come. New releases to come. Gigs to be announced. Once we were younger and better, but for sure we’r still some damn punk rock guys.

Cheers our beloved friends!

new videos:

“e correvamo più veloce del” @ bcc, august 2010

“attraverso lenti colorate” @ bcc, august 2010

Our many two-hundredth-gigs

Hello friends!

this amazing year ‘s almost finished, and we are quite tired but.. “hey! We’re makin’ a new record!” that will be out in early 2011.

So, even if we’ll be silent for a while.. we’ll be back with a silver compact disc filled with reverbs and stories and poetry and emotional breakdowns.

Nothing else to say than thank-you. You Guys! are Dresda.

Relevant people and things:

Stefania for the love and the endless patience. Stefano, “the gigs director”. Antonio, for everything and more. Vasco and Nufenen, for the great stay in Lugano. Our ceasing voice, and the other amazing people in Austria.The snow! And our wakeup in Innsbruck. “La route du rock” in Padova. The Fiat Scudo filled with alien technology. Disorderdrama (naturally and always and ever), Metrodora, Gattoquadrato, Riserva Indie, Radio Sherwood. Alessandro Mazzitelli, and the all the Raindogs staff at Balla Coi Cinghiali. Luong, Jan, Zeninho, Simone, and all the people who took a million pictures of our gigs…. you are great!!!! The friends -you know who you are!-, that make this thing better and better. Menrovescio, for the fun together and for just BEING themselves. Flap, June Miller, Balmorhea, Three Steps To The Ocean, and all the other amazing bands we had fun with.

And the thousand miles together, as a band.

May your year end be intense, and reflexive, and lucky.

With Love


God-whatever-is our co-pilot

A boombastic title was necessary to announce this huge update.

In these six months tons of amazing things happened.

We had our first magnificient gigs abroad in Austria and Switzerland, two long radio interviews in Padova and Massa, we got drunk a bunch of times, we met millions of nice people that we’ll never forget, we suffered the coldest-cold-ever, we drove almost 2500 kilometers, stole biscuits in houses and highway stops, and broke many electronical devices.

After two months of relax we are back “live and loud!” for summer festivals:

20 June @ Festival delle periferie [Genova]

24 June @ Festa del parco di Loreto [Bergamo]

20 August @ Balla coi cinghiali [Bardineto Sv]

Other news: we are working on our new record that will be out as soon as it’s finished.. the new stuff is quite emotional and intense and epic, like the song “Be my knife” that we already played live in the last months. The release will be supported by Marsiglia Records [Italy], Asiluum [Romania] and Dissenso [Brazil].

Merchandising. New Pins coming and shirts with artwork by Cristiano Baricelli

Movies. A new short movie from the director Marco Longo “Mentre lei dorme” will be presented at the Genova Film Festival, and contains parts of our song “Il grande macchinario della notte”.

Finally we released the Krolevsky Ep, music from the movie “Il caso Krolevsky”. It’s a short self-produced Ep, recorded in summer 2009.

On January 4th Feltrinelli published the Canadian documentary about copyleft “Rip! A Remix Manifesto” that contains our song “La stanza e l’orologio”.

Thank you all, with love [and love is that you are the knife which we turn within ourselves].


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Our first official video

Chiara Causa Camilla Derchi
Written by Giorgio Montolivo and Marco Longo
Directed by Marco Longo
Genova 12/2009

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Building something out of nothing

Hello friends,

here we are! Christmas’ near, and 2009 is almost finished: it’s time for a bit of soul-searching.

We are quite satisfied about how things evolved for Dresda “as a band” during this year. You can find all the evolving stuff in the past monthly updates and in our biography.

For people who asked about  “Rip! A Remix Manifesto“: please note that the Dvd will be in all Feltrinelli stores since January 2010. We are really honoured to be a part of it.

Next year is expected to be even more challenging for us.. so let’s just see what happens!

We want to thank these friends: Matteo Casari, Marius Costache, Costin Chioreanu, Diogo Santos, Sebastian Obermaier, Alessio Gambaro e Christian Zecca, Marco Longo, Fabio Battistetti, all the Disorderdrama family, June Miller for all the amazing moments spent together, our closest friends, and all the people we forgot to thank.

A last date for us, don’t miss it!!!!!

THU 17 DEC @ La Claque [Ge] w/ Ronin

And that’s all.

May Your December be warm and emotional and lucky.

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13358_1294743007830_1207966391_30887766_4400100_nHello our beloved goodselves!

This monthly update is filled of interesting news.

The first and most important update is that on December 09, a song from Pequod should be in the tracklist of a nationally distributed compilation. This compilation will be attached to a documentary about “Creative Commons”, called “RIP! A remix manifesto” published and distributed in Italy by Feltrinelli. The official announce will follow, so stay tuned.

We decided that our “Krolevsky EP” [containing the original songs of the movie] will be released on 20th December and it will be “self produced” and sold together with Pequod in 2010 gigs. It’s just more or less 20 minutes of music, with some nice ideas, some melancoly chords, and some idiot choruses [amazing!].

We are planning a release-christmas-party for friends in our studio.. with tons of alcholics, strippers, and live music -cast to be announced-. This is not confirmed yet, but don’t get any dates for the 19/20 December.

Dresda will be playing live and loud a few gigs until the end of the year:
22 Nov @ Museo di Arte Contemporanea Villa Croce – Genova [please note that gig will start at 15.30!!!]
26 Nov @ La Claque, Teatro della Tosse – Genova [with a side project of Massimo Volume!!!!]
04 Dic @ Leoncavallo “la terra trema” – Milano

Finally, We are going to put in the market our new pins.
After this, merchandising will never be the same again.
We swear about it!!!!!!

Post Scriptum (for italian friends):

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Back and forth, and other news…

locandinapiccolaHello folks!

October is a very busy month for us.

We’re spending a lot of time in our studio writing new songs. Some good stuff came out. We are going to record these songs and release a split-cd with the croatian band “Emphasis” on Asiluum netlabel.

Soon the 2009 version of Pequod with Costin artwork will be available, You’ll find it at our gigs.

The movie “Il caso Krolevsky” came out, and we took part to the first night.
It’s amazing to hear your music “really loud!” in a crowded theater.
We hope to do this again and again.

On the road again! We arranged some gigs in northern Italy: next week we will be in Pavia (fri 23) and Piacenza (sat 24). On January we will go to Vicenza and Padova, and then back to Genova.

We are also planning to take part to the Asiluum festival in Bucharest, February 2010, more news soon.

Maybe we found our new van, to be bought in a criminal organization with our family-friends June Miller.. photos of the wreck and news to come!

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We finally became doctors!

dresda back coverdresda front cover

We are honoured to announce that the romanian net-label Asiluum published a new edition of our first official record Pequod.

The beautiful artwork is by Costin Chioreanu [].

This is how Asiluum describes itself [from]:

The Asiluum clinic was founded in 2007 by Costin Chioreanu and Marius Costache.

It’s not a real clinic and not another hidden predator for your pockets. This is a non-profit “something” that promotes underground artists.

Unlike other netlabels we also create content instead of just uploading it directly from the artist. That means we also help the artists “signed” to Asiluum to become full time doctors and provide them studio time.

The key word around here is -free-. “Nothing is free!” you’ll say and you are absolutely right. You will have to pay something more valuable than money, you will have to pay Attention.

This is not a church, a sect and we don’t have our own “product category”, simply because this is something unclassifiable by the commercial society that we live in. You find this quite incredible, huh? Ok, well get use to it, have a look around, get your medicines or just leave.

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