Dresda is an instrumental band from Genova, Italy, born in ’05. Our name comes from the novel “slaughterhouse-five” by Kurt Vonnegut.

We released on 20 Dec 2008 our first record Pequod, under Marsiglia Records, that follows the Ep “We are the superfunkers!” published in Feb 2007.

We are influenced by the post rock movement, and most of all we are involved in soundtrack music, as we try to represent and to emphasize with our songs some never-shooted cinematic sequences.

In the last years Dresda made lots of gigs some songs have been published in some compilations and radio broadcasts. After Pequod was released in December 08, the band recieved many good reviews from the dedicated press.

In Semptember ’09, the netlabel Asiluum published Pequod with a new artwork.

In December ’09, we took part to the italian edition of the canadian documentary “RIP! A remix manifesto“, published by Feltrinelli Real Cinema and distributed on dvd nationally.

On January 2010 after using our music into the short movie “La lingua del disordine“, directors Marco Longo and Giorgio Montolivo shooted our first official video “La Stanza e l’Orologio”.

During year 2010 the band worked on motion picture soundtracks: the italian independent movie “The Krolevsky Case“, and the short movie “La lingua del disordine”.

Dresda is actually working on the new release “Diluvio”, that will be out in September 2012 on cd and digitally on Marsiglia Records, Asiluum Net Label, Dissenso Records.

Are We Dresda? Marco D’Oro, Daniel Campagne, Ivan Teso, Marco Cavaleri, Antonio Rodo

Discography and compilations
Feb 07 – We are the superfunkers!
Jun 07 – Buridda Compilation v.1 [Marsiglia Records]
Jan 08 – PostRockNotes Compilation
Aug 08 – Resistenza Elettrica Compilation
Dec 08 – Pequod [Marsiglia Records]
Sep 09 – Pequod [Asiluum Net Label]
Jan 10 – Rip! A remix manifesto [Feltrinelli Real Cinema]
May 10 – Krolewsky Ep “A motion picture soundtrack”
Sep 12 – Diluvio [Marsiglia Records, Asiluum, Dissenso Records]

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