The Shape of the Gonzo to Come

DSC03856Hello mates!

We’re still alive and kicking [just a little bit tired because we never sleep enough!!!!!].

Dresda is working hard on the theme of  “il caso krolevsky”, a movie about life and choices and theater as a metaphor of life.

At the same time the band plays gigs, we’ve been at Tesla Night [] last Saturday, and next thursday we’ll play at Banano Tsunami in Genova for the Lorca festival [].

On 12 June we will play with our friends Karmatest and Hermitage [finally!] in Genova, and on 19 June we will be in Viareggio.

We are still promoting Pequod, you can order it on, you can even buy it at the amazing “Taxi Driver Store” in Genova, and for our countless british and austrian fans [!!!!] two shipments of Pequod were just delivered to distros.. more news asap.

And now time to introduce our new favourite victim: Antonio joined the band. Now we are 5! As a perfect “wannabe boy band” is supposed to be.


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